MoviePile Downloader is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to download videos embedded on a web page to MoviePile (flash, flv, mp4, etc). This works on a lot of sites and movie types (flash, flv, mp4, etc).

Requires the MoviePile Desktop App.

Note: This will only work for sites using actual movie files (flv, mp4, etc), while this is a surprisingly high amount of sites it not work for all sites. If we get funded we'd like to support streaming/rtmp/other videos. This will never work for DRM/protected videos.


MoviePile Downloader is FREE on the Google Chrome Web Store.

How to Download (almost) Any Embedded Video

  1. Use the Google Chrome web browser
  2. Download and install the MoviePile Downloader Chrome Extension
  3. Once installed you will see the Downloader icon to the right of Chrome's address bar
  4. When on a page with a video you want to download click the Downloader icon . This will bring up the MoviePile Downloader window (see below).
  5. Once the extension finishes reloading the page, ensure your video is playing so the extension can find the request.
  6. When your video is found a link will appear for you to click to download it.